The StrapDown

Create bondage options anywhere!

This is where bondage gets funny!

With The StrapDown, you can add bondage options to any construction you may think of. Simply attach bondage leather straps to your St.Andrews Cross, bench or wall with only the need of four holes.

The StrapDown is made from a an extremely durable thick shoulder hide and it's 5 cm wide. It is firmly assembled with both rivets and reinforcing stitching... It simply won't break.

There are holes along the entire length of The StrapDown with 1,5 cm spacing, so it adjusts to fit tightly no matter how you're planning on using it.

A buckle shield ensures comfort when tightening.

You choose your length below.
120 and 145 cm versions have 6 mounting grommets.

Length is measured as inner circumference when buckled in fourth last hole.

Your Choice...


Buckle Shield

DKK 349,00


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