Bar Harness

Show off your shoulders and pecs

No matter how you're built - this harness will suit you!

The design is simple - and the leather quality is the best!
We have chosen to make this harness of first grade grain leather from the prominent Tärnsjö Tannery in Sweden.

This simple harness can be worn both on your bare shoulders as well as on top of a T-shirt.
- and it's the best leather quality on the Scandinavian market!

To choose the right size, you need to meassure your breast circumference all the way up under your arms.
Choose the size, that come closest to your meassurement.

Small = Breast Meassure: 100 cm
Small+ = Breast Meassure: 103 cm
Large = Breast Meassure: 115 cm

Your Choice...


DKK 399,00


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